Black Metal / Stoner / Doom

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Schlagworte Black Metal, Heavy Metal, Stoner Metal


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Black Metal / Stoner / Doom Abend

CHAMBER (Atmospheric Black Metal aus Leipzig)

A psychotic maniac standing on top of a huge Wall of Sound screaming out loud his prayers of solitude and misery to a society of fucking hypocrites. Characterized and shaped by the dualism of gloomy, atmospheric melodies and unrestrained, blasting brutality Chamber are playing Black Metal as cold and dark as it gets.


LORDS OF THE HIGH ONES  (70s Death Metal aus Leipzig)

Twin guitars shredding their way through battlefields of blasting-groovy drums. Tanks camouflaged by Satan’s spinach and driven by tokers, leaving deep furrows in viscous, thick magma coming out of the bass cabinet’s speakers. Doom-to-Death-inspired, Sabbath-worshipping, Trash-infected L.O.T.H.O. is a 5-Piece from Leipzig, including members of BREIT, Church Of Mental Enlightment, Goat Explosion, Run Time Error…