Mother Engine, Cosmic Fall, Glasgow Coma Scale

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Schlagworte Alternative, Psychedelic, Rock, Stoner


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Mother Engine


Mother Engine spielen instrumentale Rockmusik mit Einflüssen aus dem Stoner- und Postrock sowie dem Psychedelic Rock der 60er/ 70er Jahre und der heimischen Krautrock Szene. Es ist keine Überraschung dass die Reise des Raumschiffs auf dem Zeltplatz eines großen mitteldeutschen Stonerrockfestivals im Jahre 2013 begann. Wir reden über DIY, kompromisslose Ausdauer und den Willen jede einzelne Bühne zu bespielen. Nach 2 Alben („Muttermaschine 2013, „Absturz“ 2015) and Auftritten bei vielen der wichtigsten europäischen Szenefestivals wie Stoned from the Underground, Freak Valley Festival, Sonic
Blast Moledo, Into the Void oder Rotormania scheint es als hätten sie die Landeerlaubnis auf den europäischen Bühnen erhalten. Im Herbst 2017 erscheint das dritte Album „Hangar“ bei Heavy Psychedelic Records und es folgt eine 6-wöchige Tour durch Europe um das neue Material vorzustellen. Manch einer spricht von einer Art Stoner Prog und vielleicht tifft diese Beschreibung genau ins Schwarze.



Cosmic Fall


Cosmic Fall was founded in June 2016 in Berlin and consists of Daniel (Drums), Mathias (Guitar/Vocals) and Klaus (Bass). The sound is assigned to Psychedelic Stoner Rock, but has also lots of classic rock and blues influences. The solo filled jam parts are typical and exciting and may remind you of “Colour Haze” or “The Machine”, but still have their very own charm. Many Guitar soli in the long songs fit in perfectly and are characteristic for the sound.

After only two months, the first album “First Fall” was recorded. It is completely self-produced and was released on 2016-08-17 on Bandcamp. The whole artwork was also created from the band. Many downloads and vinyl requests first led to the cd release on 2016-10-01. Clostridiumrecords released “First Fall” on 2017-01-20 on vinyl in three different versions.

On 2017-03-18 the second album “Kick Out The Jams” was released digitally and on CD (sold out) via Bandcamp. It is an album full of jams and is also self-produced. The vinyl will follow in december 2017 on a double LP via Clostridiumrecords.

In the same year, on 2017-07-27 a splitalbum was released, together with the band “Aphodyl”. “Starsplit” was released on CD and vinyl. The CD was released via clostridiumrecords and vinyl via PsyKa Records.



Glasgow Coma Scale


GLASGOW COMA SCALE was formed in February 2011 by Piotr and Marek Kowalski. The two brothers and trained classical musicians lived their lives between Krakow, Barcelona and Frankfurt. However, they never got the chance to play together in the same band. Along with drummer Helmes Bode the idea has now come full circle. If the Kowalskis are the “head” and “heart” of the group, then Bode delivers pumping blood and a dense connective tissue.

GLASGOW COMA SCALE is named after a neurological method that helps to assess the status of the central nervous system and classify the patient’s state of disorder. For those who want to know if the coma therapy really works, go and listen to these guys on stage. If you notice any side effects not listed in this leaflet, please mosh and ask for pain killers in the form of MP3 (EP Apophenia released in February 2014).